Set of 5 Metallic Gold Silver Black Jewelry Temporary Tattoo

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About This Item

Metallic Gold Silver Black Jewelry Temporary Bling Tattoo All-In-One Package 5 Sheets (S1 Style):
  • High quality fashionable jewelry temporary bling tattoos
  • Tattoo lasts anywhere from 1- 5 days
  • Meet rigid safety and non-toxic materials standard
  • Each package includes 5 sheets; each sheet measures approx. 6" x 8"
  • Gorgeous All-In-One Package includes necklace, bracelet, charm, individual tattoos and much much more for Outer Forearm, Thigh Wrap-Around, Inner Forearm, Spine, Ankle, Collarbone, Rib, Lower Back, Wrist, Foot, Inner Finger, Back of Ear, Inner Forearm, Upper Shoulder, Hip, Outer Arm, Inner Forearm, Elbow, Upper Inner Arm, Wrapped Around Arm, Wrapped Around Fingers, Neck, Inner Wrist, Vertical Back, Ear, Back of Neck, Calf, Foot, Hand, Finger, Inner Elbow, Clavicle, Horizontal Mid Back, and Face.



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