(10 Pcs) Cross Temporary Tattoos
(10 Pcs) Cross Temporary Tattoos

(10 Pcs) Cross Temporary Tattoos

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You will be noticed as soon as you put them on. Wear them day or night, and change them instantly for amazing new looks, at the beach, concerts, parties, to the club, or even hiking, working out, or doing yoga!

Our premium tattoos last longest on areas away from joints that bend constantly (like elbows and knees) or where clothes rub. Back, shoulder, arm, leg, hand, foot and finger designs make a big impact! Add them to your cart now with our No Questions Asked, 100% Money-back Guarantee. Go crazy and have fun!

Type: Cross temporary Tattoos
SET OF 10 Sheets. Each Sheet Size: 10.5*6 cm


✔ The Beach

✔ The Pool

✔ Music Festivals

✔ Parties

✔ Concerts

✔ Birthday Parties & More...


1. Make sure skin is dry and clean.
2. Cut your favorite tattoo as close to the edge of the design as possible
3. Remove the protector clear plastic cover, and place the tattoo down onto skin   face down.
4. Apply even pressure to the tattoo paper backing using a wet cloth or sponge.
5. Wait about a minimum of 60 seconds and then remove the cloth and gently Peel the paper off skin and That's it.





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