Metallic Bachelorette Party Tattoos Bridal Shower

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  • Looking for Bachelorette Party Favors? More than 50 individual body jewelry tattoos in gold silver and black to choose from - Bracelet, team bride, maid of honor, bride squad, bride to be, hearts, arrows, rings, love, kisses bachelorrete tattoo designs. They are inspired body art for women. A stylish & hot fashion trend that goes on in just seconds - it's so easy!
  • PREMIUM QUALITY Each package contains four sheets of tattoos, with a total of 54 flash metallic tattoos per pack on average each tattoo measures between "2 x 1" to 2" x 2". Perfectly size to fit on your back, wrist, hand, or arm!
  • 100% water resistant, sweat-proof, safe, and non-toxic flash temporary tattoos last up to 5-7 days if applied as directed.
  • BE UNIQUE Bachelorette party tattoos that will make your party one to remember. A perfect gift idea add a touch of glam to any bridal party.
  • Fast shipping, cute and durable packaging to surprise the bride with this pretty gift. Easy-to-read instructions are included. Backed by our 100% satisfaction guarantee.


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Bachelorette party favor tattoos will certainly liven up your party. Style and glamour are guaranteed. Everyone is amazed by the glitz and silk of the bride and her team. More than 50 individual eye-catching Gold Silver & Black Metallic Bachelorette party tattoos that will make your party one to remember.

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