Fuck-It Fck It Funny Diecut Decal Sticker Car Truck Window JDM F*ck It Vinyl

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Product Details:
 Fuck-It Fck It Funny Diecut Decal Sticker Car Truck Window JDM F*ck It Vinyl


Always fast and FREE!  Other might be cheaper, but they are most likely coming from China and will take forever to come. To keep prices low, decals don’t come with a tracking number, if you want a tracking number upgrade to first class parcel when checking out. 

About our Vinyl Decals:
Car windows, truck or SUV windows, or any glass surface. Laptops, Macbooks, iPads, iPhones, iTouch, Android phones, or any other cell phones with a clean flat surface. Desk, skateboard, snowboard, bikes, toolboxes, notebooks, folders, walls,andy smooth clean surface will work.  

Our Materials:
We use high grade Oracal vinyl high-gloss optimized PVC film. The adhesive is made of a permanent solvent base polyacrylate (acrylic) which offers greater adhesive characteristics. The vinyl thickness ranges from 2-3 mils thick depending on the material. It offers 5-7 year life expectancy for indoor and outdoor durability, and flexibility depending on the material.

All decals are equipped with application/transfer tape for easy transfer and installation.

How to Apply / Application:
All decals purchased come with instructions as well as a video link how on how to install them. If you have any questions or problems installing you can always contact me and I will be happy to answer any questions you may have.

The dimensions of the decal(s) 5” wide
If you need a different size please contact me and we can make that happen. Pricing will vary for custom sizes. If you need a different color you can check and I might have it available.  Thank you :-)
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