Set 5 Pieces/ Flower Temporary Waterproof Tattoos

  • $3.99


Set contains 5 sheets same design waterproof temporary tattoos 

Great fun for parties, special events Also for testing how would a real tattoo look like.

Scared of long-term commitment? 

Type: Water transfer Temporary Tattoo

Each Sheet Size: 19cm * 9cm


✔ The Beach

✔ The Pool

✔ Music Festivals

✔ Parties

✔ Concerts

✔ Birthday Parties & More...


1) The skin should be clean and free of oils. 

2) Remove clear protective top sheet. 

3) Press tattoo firmly onto clean, dry skin with design facing down. 

4) Press damp cloth/sponge against tattoo and hold for 30 seconds. 

5) You may uncover the sticker to see whether the pattern is fully stick on your body, if not repeat the step 4. 

6) Allow the tattoo to dry. 

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