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Tattoo Stencil +100 Self-adhesive Temporary Tattoo Templates for Henna / Airbrush

Tattoo Stencil +100 Self-adhesive Temporary Tattoo Templates for Henna / Airbrush

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About the product

  • SHIPS FROM THE USA With a total of 208 individual stencils, the package includes 10 large sheets of henna stencils of varying sizes: 3 sheets of LARGER stencils (3.25x2.25 in.), 2 sheets of MEDIUM-SIZED stencils (2x1.5 in. and 2x1.75 in.), 3 sheets of SMALL stencils (1.25x1.5, 1.5x1.5 and 2x1 in.), and 2 sheets of MINI stencils (1.25x1.25 in. and 1x1.25 in.)
  • Complete, easy-to-read instructions included. Plastic stencils if handled with care may be reused 3-4 times. Mild adhesive (which keeps the stencil in place while applying tattoo paint) is safe and non-toxic and allows stencil to be easily removed from the skin. ⦁ Stencils can be used with henna color, glitter body paint, airbrush paint, etc. (not included).
  • LARGER patterns include butterflies, lotus patterns, fairy, whiskers, deer antlers, birds, heartbeat designs and others. ...MEDIUM-SIZED patterns include flowers, fairies, fox, bunnies, cats, deer with antlers, owl, spartan, elephant, radioactive symbol, clover, geometric eagle, crown, and others.
  • SMALL stencils include deer with antlers, cats, birds, flower henna color, glitter body paint, airbrush paint, etc. (not included). ers, fairies, elephant, cannabis leaf, anchors, fish skeleton, arrows, palm trees, music symbols, fox, "you" and "me" infinity symbol, bow tie, Eiffel tower, trident, "Mom" design, feathers, mermaids, devilish bat, dog with kitty, ballerina, "Sweet" design and others.
  • MINI patterns include panda, bat, cats, cute star, star with directional arrow, mini stars, safety pin, hearts, spider, clovers, antlers, fluffy dandelion, swan, owls, lotus flower, fancy cross, birds (including hummingbird), ladybug, yoga pose, fish skeletons, feather, elephants, crown, heart anchor, snake, "sky" design, antler designs, butterfly, bicycle, American Indian profile, cups, fork and spoon, bear paw print and others. Fast-shipping is backed by our 100% satisfaction guarantee.

Product description

Great for beginners, there are stencil designs to suit your every mood. They are also perfect for holidays (Halloween) and special events such as birthday parties, costume parties, weddings, concerts and festivals, a night out, or simply to experience an eye-catching piece of body art! Designs include a wide variety of animals, flowers and plants, special interest objects and hobby-related designs plus many more. You will find feathers, flowers, roses, bird tattoos, and beautiful mehndi designs.

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